Cynthia Gardens

Cynthia Gardens Statement of Rental Policy

Welcome to our community. Before you apply to rent an apartment, please take the time to review this Statement of Rental Policy. For the purpose of this document, the term “applicant” is defined as the person or persons who will be signing the Lease as the “Resident;” the term “occupant” is defined as the person or persons who are authorized as occupants under the Lease. Some criteria apply to the applicants only; other criteria apply to all occupants. An applicant must be 18 years of age or older to qualify as a resident. Please note that these are the current rental criteria for this community; nothing contained herein constitutes a guarantee or representation that all community prior to these particular criteria going into effect; additionally, the ability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the reliability of information received from applicants and outside services used.


Cynthia Gardens is an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act and do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. Additionally, we provide housing in accordance with all other state or local laws if those laws provide greater protection than the Federal Fair Housing Act.


Applications for apartment homes will be accepted on a first come – first serve basis and are subject to the availability of the particular apartment type requested. “Availability” does not necessarily mean that an apartment will definitely be available for occupancy by an applicant at the estimated date. “Available” apartments include those where a “Notice to Vacate” has been submitted by an existing resident indicating an intention to vacate on or about a certain date. Under certain circumstance, we will permit current residents who are not in default of their lease to withdraw or change their notice of moving. Other circumstances not necessarily under management’s control may also delay the date of availability of an apartment. In addition, an apartment may not be considered available because it is about to be placed under contract as an application fails to sign a Lease by the specified date, and then the apartment would again become available. Whether a particular unit or type of apartment is available can vary significantly within several hours or a day.


All applicants and co-signers must agree to the following by executing this Statement of Rental Policy and a rental application form: Applicant(s) hereby consent to allow Cynthia Gardens, through its designated agent and its employees, to obtain and verify credit information, including a criminal background search for the purpose of determining whether or not the applicant is eligible to lease an apartment. Applicant understands that upon leasing an apartment, Cynthia Gardens and its agent shall have a continuing right to review credit information, rental application, criminal background, payment history and occupancy history Faxed signatures are acceptable however; original signatures must be obtained prior to move in.


The combined income of the applicant(s) is required to meet Cynthia Gardens’ minimum income criteria. The three types of income used to establish the income to rent ratio eligibility are employment income, other income and personal assets. Combined monthly income must be at least two point five (2.5) times the monthly rent.


If all applicants’ combined income meets this property’s income requirements for the apartment in which applied for, Cynthia Gardens will proceed in running a thorough credit check on all applicants age 18 and older that apply for residency. Cynthia Gardens uses an expert statistical credit scoring system to evaluate consumer credit report. This information is compared to the credit trends of other consumers to predict how likely it is that the applicant will pay the rent in a timely manner and fulfill all lease obligations. Based upon your credit score, your application will be accepted, rejected or accepted on the condition that an additional security deposit is paid. If the application is rejected or is accepted with conditions, you will be given the name, address and telephone number of the consumer reporting agencies that provided your consumer information to us. An applicant rejected for unsatisfactory credit is encouraged to obtain a copy of the credit report, correct any erroneous information that may be on the report and submit a new application to this community for further consideration.


In addition to qualifying under the terms stated in this Statement of Rental Policy, applicants from countries other than the United States, WHO DO NOT HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ARE TO BE PROCESSED MANUALLY (NOT THROUGH SAFERENT) and must meet the following criteria: 1. An original valid Passport showing raised notary seals and one of the following INS documents must be produced: • Form I-551 Permanent Resident Card (Alien Registration Receipt Card). Form includes photo and fingerprints. • Form I-688 Temporary Resident Card. Form includes photo and fingerprints. • Form I-688A Employment Authorization Card. Form includes photo and fingerprints. • Form I-94 Arrival/Department Record. Form includes photo and fingerprints. • INS Receipt for replacement of one of the above documents with verification by INS of entitlement to the above. Expired passports or INS documents result in an automatic decline of application. On the Application of Residency, the applicant is to fill in the Passport Number in lieu of a Social Security Number. 2. International applicants with verifiable employment are required to pay AN ADDITIONAL ONE MONTH’S RENT AS A DEPOSIT. Self-employed/unemployed international applicants with verification of income required to PAY AN ADDITIONAL TWO MONTHS RENT AS A DEPOSIT. 3. Acceptable verifications are: (a) Employed Applicants: A letter of employment from the applicant’s employer. The letter is to be on Applicants: Proof of income from an attorney, accountant, and/or letter from bank stating sufficient funds. All letters must be on official company letterhead, signed, and have the comparable to a notary seal on the letter. 4. All payments will be required in U.S. Certified Funds.


Resident agrees that Management does not promise, warrant or guarantee the safety and security of a Resident, Resident’s family and occupants or Resident’s personal property against the criminal actions of other residents or third parties. Furthermore, Management shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Resident, Resident’s family and occupants or to any person entering the premises or the building of which the leased premises are a part, for injury to person or property arising from theft, vandalism or casualty occurring in the premises or the buildings; the term “premises” is defined to include any common areas, lakes and the surrounding area. Resident agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Management from all claims, costs and expenses arising from injury to person or property. Each Resident has the responsibility to protect him or herself and to maintain appropriate insurance protecting their personal property. Resident shall at all at times maintain Renter’s insurance including adequate fire, casualty and liability insurance to insure against the risks described above. Insurance coverage maintained by Management does not protect Resident from loss of personal property by theft, fire, water damage and other perils. Resident is responsible from maintaining appropriate vehicular or automobile insurance coverage.

PETS (if applicable):

Accepted pets are cats only. A $500.00 nonrefundable pet fee is required for the 1st pet and an additional nonrefundable pet fee of $300 for 2nd pet (maximum of two) must be paid in full prior to move-in. There is also an additional monthly rent of $25.00. Pets will be subject to visual inspection and all community policies and you will be required to sign a separate Pet Addendum. Service animals assisting a handicapped person are allowed and no pet deposit or pet fee is required.


If the application is accepted or accepted with conditions, an extensive criminal background search, including but not limited to the applicant’s past two years of residency and the state in which the applicant’s driver’s license was issued, will be conducted. Cynthia Gardens performs criminal background checks in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Applicants’ signatures on the Application for Residency authorizes us to check not only applicants’ credit history but also any arrests or convictions. Applicants will be required to answer questions on the application stating whether they have been convicted of or arrested for a crime; and if so, what the crime was, when and where it occurred and the disposition of that charge. An unsatisfactory criminal background or check that results in pending charges will result in the denial of the application. However, not all crimes disqualify applicants from living at the community. Crimes that result in the denial of residency are those that pose a serious threat to the health, safety and welfare of persons living and working in our community. The application will be denied for any of the following reported criminal related reasons that have occurred prior to the application date: felony conviction, any terrorist related conviction, any illegal drug related conviction, any prostitution related conviction, any sex related conviction or listing on the sex offender registry, any cruelty to animals conviction, misdemeanor conviction involving crime against persons or property, any of the prior mentioned charges resulting in “Adjudication Withheld” and / or “Deferred Adjudication” and active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the prior mentioned reasons. Please be advised that this requirement does not constitute a guarantee or representation that residents or occupants currently residing in our community have not been convicted of or subject to deferred adjudication for a felony, certain misdemeanors or sex offenders requiring registration under applicable law. There may be residents or occupants that have resided in the community prior to this requirement going into effect. Additionally, our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the resident credit reporting services used.


In order to reserve an apartment home, applicant(s) must submit an executed application along with the following fees and deposits: 1.) A non-refundable application fee ($75.00) for each applicant 18 years of age or older for verification of information and credit approval. 2.) A non-refundable administrative fee ($200.00). 3.) A refundable security deposit ($690). Applicant understands that an additional security deposit may be required based on credit agency requirements. If for any reason management decides to decline the application, management will refund the administrative fee and the security deposit in full. If an applicant is conditionally approved, but chooses not to sign a lease or take occupancy of the premises on the agreed date, management may retain the administrative fee and the security deposit as liquidated damages of rent lost and any expenses incurred due to the cancellation.


A family may occupy a unit if the family does not exceed two persons per bedroom, plus a child who is less than twenty four months old and who sleeps in the same bedroom with the child’s parent, guardian, legal custodian, or person applying for that status. If the number of people applying for a single apartment exceeds the property’s guidelines, the application will be rejected for that particular size of apartment. If a resident, who has a child less than twenty four months old at the time of rental application or lease renewal, moves into an apartment that, once the child reaches the age of twenty four months, violates the occupancy guidelines, the resident is required to either (1) move into another available apartment which has more bedrooms leased at the current market rent; or (2) move out. Rent for the larger apartment will be the current market rent for that particular apartment. For the purpose of this occupancy policy, a “family” shall consist of the following persons: one or more individuals (who have not attained the age of 18 years) being domiciled with (1) a parent or another person having legal custody of such individual or individuals; or (2) the designee of such parent or other person having such custody, with the written permission of such parent or person. The term “family” shall also apply to any person who is pregnant or is in the process of securing legal custody of any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years. Our policy is to conform to local and state requirements to the extent that they require a different standard than stated here.


For your information, you may obtain (under state statutes: FL. §775.21) information about sexual offenders and/or predators in your state. The information can be obtained in all 50 states at, however, listed below are the states that Cynthia Gardens operates business: Florida — (850) 410-8572 or


Parking space is limited in our community. Each household is permitted two operational passenger vehicles. All motor vehicles must have current tags, inspection stickers and be registered with the office. All other vehicles are subject to tow. Commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles are not permitted.


Flotation bedding systems (waterbeds) or fish water tanks over 50 gallons will be allowed on any floor only if a copy of the current renter’s insurance policy naming Owner and Manager as additionally insured is maintained in the resident file.


Cynthia Gardens pays for the following items: water, wastewater, trash/recycling, pest control, electric, cable, internet, other. You’ll pay for all other utilities and services, related deposits, and any charges or fees, on such utilities and services during your Lease Contract term.


Cynthia Gardens reserves the right to utilize Accounts Receivable Entry (ARC) to process personal checks through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system and is compliant with NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association) rules. These rules require that Cynthia Gardens provide residents and prospects the following notification: When you provide a check as payment, you authorize Cynthia Gardens to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. Cynthia Gardens will use information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer and funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day we receive your payment, and you will not receive your check back from your financial institution.


We DO NOT allow the installation of a satellite dish.



  • Your Spouse


    Names of all persons under 18 and other adults who will occupy the unit without signing the lease.


    List all vehicles owned or operated by you, your spouse, or any occupants (including cares, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, etc.).


    Emergency contact person over 18, who will not be living with you


  • Contemplated Lease Contract Information

    To be filled in only if the Lease Contract is not signed by resident(s) at time of application for rental. The Florida Apartment Association Lease Contract to be used must be the latest version published by the association unless an earlier version is initialed by resident(s) and attached to this Application. The blanks in the Lease Contract will contain the following information:
  • Monthly rental due date is the 1st of every month. Late charges due if rent is not paid on or before the 3rd. Initial late charge $ 50 on 4th. Daily late charge $5 per day after the 5th. Returned-check charge $75.00. Utilities paid by owner includes water, wastewater, trash, pest control. You are not required to purchase personal liability insurance.
  • Application Agreement

  • 1. Lease Contract Information

    The Lease Contract contemplated by the parties is attached or, if no Lease Contract is attached, the Lease Contract will be the current Lease Contract noted above. Special information and conditions must be explicitly noted on an attached Lease Contract or in the Contemplated Lease Contract Information above.
  • 10. Refund after Non-approval

    If you or any co-applicant is disapproved or deemed disapproved under paragraph 9, we’ll refund all application deposits within 30 days of such disapproval. Refund checks may be made payable to all co-applicants and mailed to one applicant.
  • 2. Application Fee (nonrefundable)

    You have delivered to our represen- tative an application fee in the amount indicated below, and this payment partially defrays the cost of administrative paperwork. It’s nonrefundable.
  • 11. Extension of Deadlines

    If the deadline for signing, approving, or re- funding under paragraphs 6, 9, or 10 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a state or federal holiday, the deadline will be extended to the end of the next day.
  • 3. Application Deposit (may or may not be refundable)

    In addition to any application fee, you have delivered to our representative an application deposit in the amount indicated below. The application deposit is not a security deposit. However, it will be credited toward the required security deposit when the Lease Contract has been signed by all parties; OR it will be refunded under paragraph 10 if you are not approved; OR it will be retained by us as liquidated damages if you fail to sign or attempt to withdraw under paragraph 6 or 7.
  • 12. Keys or Access Devices

    We’ll furnish keys and/or access devices only after: (1) all parties have signed the contemplated Lease Contract and other rental documents referred to in the Lease Contract; and (2) all applicable rents and security deposits have been paid in full.
  • 4. Approval When Lease Contract Is Signed in Advance

    If you and all co-applicants have already signed the Lease Contract when we approve the Application, our representative will notify you (or one of you if there are co-applicants) of our approval, sign the Lease Contract, and then credit the application deposit of all applicants toward the required security deposit.
  • 13. Receipt

  • 5. Approval When Lease Contract Isn't Yet Signed

    If you and all co- applicants have not signed the Lease Contract when we approve the Application, our representative will notify you (or one of you if there are co-applicants) of the approval, sign the Lease Contract when you and all co-applicants have signed, and then credit the application deposit of all applicants toward the required security deposit.
  • 6. If You Fail to Sign Lease Contract After Approval

    Unless we authorize otherwise in writing, you and all co-applicants must sign the Lease Contract within 3 days after we give you our approval in person or by telephone or within 5 days after we mail you our approval. If you or any co-applicant fails to sign as required, we may keep the application deposit as liquidated damages, and terminate all further obligations under this Agreement.
  • 7. If You Withdraw Before Approval

    You and any co-applicant may not withdraw your application or the application deposit. If you or any co- applicant withdraws an Application or notifies us that you’ve changed your mind about renting the dwelling unit, we’ll be entitled to retain all application deposits as liquidated damages, and the parties will then have no further obligation to each other.
  • 8. Completed Application

    An Application will not be considered “completed” and will not be processed until all of the following have been provided to us (unless checked): If no item is checked, all are necessary for the Application to be considered completed.
  • 9. Non-approval

    We will notify you whether you’ve been approved within 10 days after the date we receive a completed Application. Your Application will be considered “disapproved” if we fail to notify you of your approval within 10 days after we have received a completed Application. Notification may be in person or by mail or telephone unless you have requested that notification be by mail. You must not assume approval until you receive actual notice of approval. The 10-day time period may be changed only by separate written agreement.
  • 15. Signature

    Our representative’s signature is consent only to this Application Agreement. It does not bind us to accept applicant or to sign the proposed Lease Contract.
  • Acknowledgment

    You declare that all your statements on the first page of this Application are true and complete. You authorize us to verify same through any means. If you fail to answer any question or give false information, we may reject the application, retain all application fees and deposits as liquidated damages for our time and expense, and terminate your right of occupancy. Giving false information is a serious criminal offense. In lawsuits relating to the application or Lease Contract, the prevailing party may recover all attorney’s fees and litigation costs from the losing party. We may at any time furnish information to consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners regarding your performance of your legal obligations, including both favorable and unfavorable information about your compliance with the Lease Contract, the rules, and financial obligations.
  • If you’re seriously ill or injured, what doctor may we notify? (We’re not responsible for providing medical information to or calling doctors or emergency personnel.) – What is you Doctor’s name and phone number?
  • Lease Contract Guaranty

    Do not sign this form unless you understand that you have the same liability as all residents for rent and other monies owed.
  • Lease Contract Information

  • Guarantor Information – Use for one guarantor only (can include spouse of guarantor)




  • In consideration for us to enter into the above Lease Contract with the Resident(s), as an inducement to us for making the lease, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is acknowledged, you guarantee all obligations of resident(s) under the Lease Contract, including but not limited to rent, late fees, property damage, repair costs, animal violation charges, reletting charges, utility payments and all other sums which may become due under the Lease Contract.

    You agree that your obligations as guarantor will continue and will not be affected by amendments, modifications, roommate changes or deletions, unit changes, or renewals in the Lease Contract which may be agreed to from time to time between resident(s) and us. If we, as owner of the dwelling, delay or fail to exercise lease rights, pursue remedies, give notices to you, or make demands to you, as guarantor, you will not consider it as a waiver of our rights as owner, against you as guarantor. All of our remedies against the resident(s) apply to guarantor as well. All residents, guarantors and guarantor’s spouse are jointly and severally liable. It is unnecessary for us to sue or exhaust remedies against residents in order for you to be liable. This Guaranty is part of the Lease Contract and shall be performed in the county where the dwelling unit is located.

    You represent that all information submitted by you on this Guaranty is true and complete. You authorize verification of such information via consumer reports, rental history reports, and other means. A facsimile signature by you on this Guaranty will be just as binding as an original signature. It is not necessary for you, as guarantor, to sign the Lease Contract itself or to be named in the Lease Contract. This Guaranty does not have to be referred to in the Lease Contract. Payments under this Guaranty must be mailed to or made in the county where the dwelling unit is located. We recommend that you obtain a copy of the Lease Contract and read it. This Guaranty applies even if you don’t do so. We will furnish you a copy of the Lease upon written request.
  • After signing, please contact Cynthia Gardens Partners Limited at 1675 NW 4th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33432. Our telephone number (561) 395-9676.

    Note: Signature of Guarantor and Guarantor’s Spouse must be notarized if lease is for more than one year.

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